Testing & quality

Product Testing

​Strength and Crash Testing has been done on the Big Dog Seat Belt in accordance with  FMVSS 213 Standard Seat Frontal Impact, Version 2005, Fixed Seat Back, Using a Lap and Shoulder Belt. Sled Test was done using a 110 pound Surrogate test dog. No other Product on the Market has Passed this weight testing.
While this testing is vital to the materials and contruction of a product it is only a small part of the overall design and function of a seat belt

Handcrafted, Quality Built in the USA

Your dog is unique, unlike any other dog. Every Big Dog Seat Belt is unique.  We build every seat belt as unique and individual as your dog.

Designed for use in any vehicle equipped with OEM Seat Belts. Our seat Belt attaches directly to the OEM Seat Belt. This is not a dangerous tether type system.

Big Dog Seat Belts are the only 110 Pound Strength and Crash Tested- Premium Quality Custom Built Seat Belt on the Planet. Built with Premium Automotive Seat Belt Webbing and Real Seat Belt Buckles. 

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