Growing Puppy Seat Belt*** (Replacement Program)


We believe that safety for you and your puppy should begin as soon as possible. That is why we created the Growing Puppy Program. Purchase a Big Dog Seat Belt at Regular Price… If your Growing Dog grows an additional 4-5 inches in body length we recommend replacing your seat belt with a new one. Big Dog will Custom Build a new seat belt at a reduced price of $69. We ask that you donate your old seat belt in good condition to a rescue or shelter near you.

Please fill out the following:

Product Form

  • per Youtube Video on home page Minimum Body Length is 20"
  • per Youtube Video on home page Minimum Neck Girth is 14"
  • per Youtube Video on home page
  • (A photo of your dog is very helpful in custom building the seat belt to fit your dog perfectly ... especially for Mixed Breed dogs) Additional requests for additional photos or measurements may be requested.
  • Big Dog Seat Belt Company


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