Every Big Dog Seat Belt is Custom Built in Colorado

Our Story

Big Dog Seat Belt Company was started by a Firefighter / EMT

It was really early on a Sunday morning when I was “Toned” to a single vehicle accident. I jumped in my vehicle and went directly to the location of the accident. I was the first responder to reach the accident scene. I saw a jeep on its side that had hit a tree.
The scene was eerily quiet… then… I heard a single voice screaming…
Inside the vehicle was a young lady suspended in her seat belt screaming not for help, but screaming “Domino”.  I carefully crawled inside the vehicle to talk to the driver. She did not want to talk… she kept screaming “Domino”. I had to interupt her to ask who Domino was, because I did not see any other passengers inside the vehicle and I was immediatly concerned there was another patient. She said” Domino is my dog she is right there in the back seat… I put her in her harness before we left… Where is my dog!”
Additional Rescue personnel were arriving and every available person was tasked with looking for Domino.  We needed to extricate this patient to get her to the hospital. She  was so upset, she was refusing to let us do anything until we found her dog. I made her a promise that we would find her dog if she would allow us to do our job. As we were loading her into the ambulance she immediatly threw out her arms and grabbed the doors… “Not without Domino” she screamed.  Again… I promised her “I will find your dog… you need to take care of you… I will make sure we find Domino and get her any help she needs.
I could see evidence inside the jeep that Domino’s restraint had broken during impact and that she had been injured. The young lady had taken every precaution to protect Domino and keep her safe. Anyone that could… stayed on scene for hours… many volunteers even returned the next morning… We never found Domino 
I had broken a promise to a special lady that lost her best friend… 
So the journey began… and continues today. 
“Because Every Dog… Deserves the Best” 
**A frightened or injured dog running loose at the scene of an accident is extremely dangerous, often causing additional accidents or distractions. This is also putting accident victims, other drivers and emergency personnel at risk.
The safest place for your dog is secure in the seat… even after an accident.
**In 30 mph crash your dog will continue to move with a momentum force equal to 30 times your dogs weight. A 70 pound dog has a momentum force of 2100 pounds. Cheap webbing and plastic buckles will not protect your dog or other passengers inside your vehicle during an accident​