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A Big Dog Seat Belt Can Help You and Your Best Friend Get There Safely

The Original Big Dog Seat Belt

We build a Premium Quality Seat Belt with superior fit and function. How well a product is designed, constructed and fits your dog is crucial. Designed for use with any vehicle equipped with OEM Seat Belts. Automobiles, Trucks, Boats, Airplanes and OHVs

Your Dog Deserves the Best...

Every Big Dog Seat Belt is Custom Built to fit your dogs unique body shape and measurements. -No cheap webbing or plastic buckles for the Big Dog. Prevent Distractions- Protect your Dog and Protect other passengers. Designed to keep your dog secure in the seat.

We Do Not Build A Harness... This Is Why

Any harness or restraint placed high on your dogs shoulders and neck has a risk of causing Severe Neck and Spinal injuries. Most harnesses are designed to secure your dog using a tether or seat belt type strap... this is extremely dangerous. Even a simple quick or emergency stop with a tether or leash will cause a “Shock Effect” abruptly jerking back on the tether and harness together resulting in broken bones, spinal injuries, paralysis or worse. Other passengers inside a vehicle are also at risk of being tangled in a tether and becoming injured as well.

Never Compromise on Safety... Your Dog Deserves the Best

Arrives sized and ready to put on… 
Designed and Built to attach directly to your Vehicles OEM Seat Belt. No dangerous tethers to cause injury
Built unlike any other…
Designed to keep your dog secure in the seat while allowing your dog to sit up or lay down. Built using the highest quality automotive seat belt materials available.
Handcrafted One-at-a-Time  


Watch this video for easy to follow instructions prior to ordering… 
To assure a proper fit for your dog.

Never Compromise on Safety

COMING SOON - Smaller Dog Seat Belt - Custom For Dogs With Body Length 17-22" (43-56cm)


Big Dog Seat Belt - Custom Built- for Dogs with Body Length 23-26" (51-66cm)


Biggest Dog Seat Belt - Custom Built - for Dogs with Body Length 27" (69cm) and Longer


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Growing puppy? Here is a great deal...

We believe that vehicle safety should begin early in a dogs life. If your Puppy outgrows a Big Dog Seat Belt, We will build a New Big Dog Seat Belt for your growing dog for only $69 (plus shipping) A Great Deal For Large and Giant Breed Puppies

Big Dog Seat Belt Reviews

Gail W.

It was put to the test this weekend! Heavy traffic on the highway, a very short stop of the truck in front of us and She was saved from going from the back seat into the front seat. Very pleased with the security of the unit. Kota is a big dog and it fits her perfectly, did the job it was designed to do, and that’s save her from injury.

Joann K.

The seat belt is beautifully made, and we feel very safe having our Vizsla in it. The owner of the company worked diligently to have everything correct (measurements, etc.) to fit our dog. I highly recommend this company!! Thank you!